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tv   Headline News  RT  September 9, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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coming up on r t the debate over u.s. military intervention in syria rages on while congress appears ready to vote down any airstrike the international community looks for alternatives the latest developments up ahead of. another new leaf about the surveillance state here in the u.s. turns out that smartphones that are permanently attached to your hand are also a smart way for the n.s.a. to follow your every communication more on that coming up. and there's an old saying that money can't buy everything but if you have the cash you can get an upgrade at the seal bay jail in california more on paying for a five star cell what later in today show.
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it's monday september ninth four pm in washington d.c. i'm not going lopez and you are watching r t let's go straight to syria where violence continues to plague the streets forcing the international community to consider action the u.s. law in the u.s. lawmakers are once again convening on capitol hill to sort through the evidence of the use of sarin gas by the assad regime but new today russian foreign minister sergei lavrov has announced that he will push for the russian president all offside to surrender control of his chemical stockpiles to the international community by the end of this week after wrapping up talks with his syrian counterpart walid all lavrov said quote we are calling on the syrian leadership to not only agree on placing chemical weapons storage sites under international control but also on its subsequent destruction and. fully joining the treaty on the prohibition of chemical
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weapons so possibly a ray of hope to prevent more violence it's a move un secretary-general ban ki-moon has come out in support of and one that syria appears to be open to listening to however this announcement comes on the same day that c.b.s. released part of an exclusive interview with himself where the syrian president threatened to retaliate if the u.s. strikes listen american people want to know you know if there's an attack you know what might be the representations and who might be engaged in those requests before the september in my discussion with many of the united states some of the not conclusive. playing games is the difference to what we're going to pay the price if you're not was going to veto so nobody explained was going to be a typical. stricken way of dealing with terrorism but nobody expected
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it until september you cannot expect it is difficult for any one particular what is going to happen. everything is on the brink of explosion expected of a. national security adviser susan rice former secretary of state hillary clinton former president bill clinton am deputy national security adviser tony blinken held conferences today making their case for action in the country blinken says that the u.s. is ready to negotiate but will not be afraid of all threats. and it is our. judgment that. president assad in syria would have very little interest in picking a fight with the united states of america. so i don't think that is likely at all. second with regard to the. reports today about this russian initiative we have we've seen the reports we want to take a hard look at the proposal will obviously discuss the idea with the russians and
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of course we would welcome a decision and action by syria to give up its chemical weapons the whole point of what we're doing is to stop syria from using these weapons again so a lot of talk a little action as of yet it's a high stakes game of poker to see who will show their cards first only this time they're gambling with wives. while congress debates the need for intervention public opinion is still split about military action in syria the latest polls indicate that the public is still overwhelmingly disapproving of that notion but the are. right. now who are told the number of protests were held up over the weekend in opposition of military action including large demonstrations right here in d.c. our teams corrina sten quest was there and tells us why so many are so against u.s.
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action in syria. right now syria as congress prepares to consider military action in syria protesters turned out saturday in new york city and in front of the white house they demonstrated what public opinion polls are showing repeatedly that the american public doesn't want to get involved me. but disregard for public opinion in such matters is hardly new two thirds of americans say it's not worth fighting. so that you don't care what they were going to think you know i think you cannot be. blown off course by the. fluctuations in the public opinion polls fast forward to a different time country and administration but the disconnect between a president and a people remains a c.n.n. poll released monday found that seven in ten americans think airstrikes wouldn't achieve significant goals or be in america's national interest why would you put
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down the regime and hand. or a terrorist group a rule of a country president obama acknowledged however that the government could move forward without the american public on board ultimately you listen to your constituents but you've also got to make some decisions about what you believe. is right for america and that's the same. for me is present united states there are a whole bunch of decisions that i make that are unpopular as you well know and congressmen don't listen to their people so that seals me then there is no democracy anywhere president obama claims that an intervention is necessary to quote maintain the international norm on banning chemical weapons but only thirty three percent of americans recently polled agree that such an intervention would be an effective deterrent that's ridiculous when you want to send a message by killing more people another talking point has been that american credibility would suffer if we do not intervene but once again the american public
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just doesn't see it that way seventy four percent of americans recently polled claim that to the contrary they believe it likely that we will suffer significant blowback with an intervention in syria and all it will do is further drive a hatred towards the united states acting so arbitrarily around the world which can only create blowback that's dangerous to the american people. and americans also came out to plead with congress and the president i have my entire family and my mom and my sisters my brothers my cousins everybody that they love and i and i'm so passionate to see once again this war of store that it's. it's a cold this out of my heart and protesters question the evidence of chemical attacks being presented there's a lot of reports that it's the rebels that are doing the chemical warfare there was an accident did they job some weapons you know those will really happen these baltimore residents were hoping their representative elijah cummings would listen to voters like them we send a message just say i will never forgive him if he does if you vote for the war in
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a radio interview cummings recently admitted but i tell you something when you've got ninety seven percent of your constituents saying no it's kind of hard to say yes meanwhile senator dianne feinstein of california head of the senate intelligence committee doesn't share coming struggle about the phone calls her office gets it what's coming in is overwhelmingly negative there's no question about that but you see them they don't know what i know they haven't heard what i heard it can't be very democratic both of you keeping secrets from the american people and if you vote against what you know your constituents don't want the large chunk of congress reportedly remains undecided on the resolution outside of congress constituents have been clear everybody say chemical weapons is bad everybody knows that but it's not america's business what's going on we're not the world's police and we have brains we can use our brains and do something peaceful. in washington d.c. greenest and quist party. meanwhile the historic christian city of milan syria has
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become the latest scene of clashes between government and rebel forces as of this afternoon islamist al nusra forces have taken control of the city christians there are fear that they could be martyr to simply for their religious beliefs artie's marina for now sheena is in the law and she brings us this report. we entered my lula through its ancient gates burnt and damaged in recent attacks shortly after the syrian army announces but most of the militants were pushed back signs of the recent battle and destruction a reverie where we were told to move fast and to follow the military's vehicles without stopping or even slowing down there are some parts of the road where we have to speed up offices still fear they could be snipers around we hear them shouting go go fast on one turn we suddenly stop. to understand.
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it's hard to understand exactly what happened we only hear a loud boom and feel the earth shake. we get out of the car to take a look around then outside our little. christian community all over the world now on the battlefield look at this. and then we realized we have landed in the heart of this battle as some live bullets stuff flying around us we've ended model of village with the army but just just a few minutes later they told us to get back the militants launch an attack fire in and throw in explosives from the safety of high ground so this is what we're doing right now we're coming back to you to the entrance this is where. a car bomb exploded on wednesday morning and this is how it all started after
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a suicide attack militants mostly from a job by the last group stormed in and since then the question is have been continuing for three days and as you can see they are considered now soldiers fire shots back but they can't even see enemy fighters who are cooped up in the hiding places. the row militants in that mile of the now and. sufi hotel this is the mountaintop hotel which was my. brother my. father but. also from behind the mountains surrounding the. village and that's is where the danger lies because the wrong many snipers and the wrong rocket grenades and the raw warms mortar bombs
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was you can see the situation on the ground it's very hard you can see that the army is rick rubin right now but this. that tomorrow or monday the situation changes dramatically because this is the day when american congress starts debates on syria whether. this country or you know it's the decision made thousands of kilometers away from the special food will effect the set up at this military theater but exactly how it is not easy to predict. from my look in syria. let's take a quick look now at where the u.s. stands in terms of a final decision on syria there are a number of important dates coming up first president obama will speak to the american people tomorrow about the crisis in syria to argue his case also coming up the senate is expected to vote on military action this wednesday followed by a house vote to the week of september sixteenth so obviously congress is dedicating
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enormous amounts of time and effort to figure out how to deal with the syrian crisis some would say a disproportionate amount of time one of those lawmakers is alan grayson who points out that there are several upcoming domestic deadlines that have the ability to cripple the u.s. government and are in need of immediate action for more on that we turn to political commentator sam sachs. so this week congress is focused on syria the president will be on the hill tuesday arm twisting members and we should expect votes on the syria resolution in the senate later this week and then in the house next week but what else is on the congressional docket that's now been pushed back to deal with syria well to begin with the government is about to run out of money and will shut down on october first about three weeks from today unless congress can come up with a spending deal before this last recess the house and senate where major odds over
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the budget in particular what to do with the sequester with republicans in the house wanting to keep it in place and democrats in the senate wanting to get rid of it so there's still a wide gap between the two chambers that won't narrow at least any time this week and then later a little over a month from now in mid to late october guess what our government once again hits its debt limit that's roughly three weeks after the government is scheduled to shutdown the treasury department will run up against its sixteen point seven trillion dollar debt ceiling and there's no easy solution here either as republican leadership in the house has floated the idea of tying any debt limit increases to cuts to obamacare which we know the senate and the white house won't agree on so there's still a lot to be worked out here to prevent another debt limit to buckle but no work on it this week. and what happened in congress is plans to do something about the out of control and said a lot congress was on recess we were treated to
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a slew of brand new n.s.a. revelations including the fact that the n.s.a. breaks its rules thousands of times a year that illegally gathers online data belonging to thousands of americans and that it's secretly working to degrade online encryption software and we saw momentum building on capitol hill to rein in the i said we saw committee chairs promise more hearings on the issue and we saw a congressional leadership cave in and agreeing to reforms but now all that momentum has disappeared as congress hones in on syria. sure if syria wasn't going on we can assume that this congress which is the lowest rated congress in history would have gotten together to tackle some of these pressing issues in fact history tells us not to expect congress to come together to fix anything until right at the deadline until the government does shut down or until
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the debt limit is reached but still the white house forced congress to debate syria this week and at the same time refuse to accept that whatever congress comes up with is binding meaning no matter what happens on capitol hill over the next few days the president may go ahead and strike syria anyway so not only is this week's debate on syria pushing other important issues on the agenda back but members who think they may actually be able to prevent a war in syria this week by voting no might have just been sent on a fool's errand by the white house in washington same sex arts it. former contractor edward snowden promised that he had treasure troves of information to released about the n.s.a. surveillance state once again he is making good on his word the german newspaper der spiegel reports that internal n.s.a. documents from snowden's previous leaks detail how the agency has been focusing on tapping into all types of smartphones the newspaper explains quote according to the
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documents it set up task forces for the leading smartphone manufacturers and operating systems specialized teams began intensively studying apple's i phone and its i o. west operating system as well as google's android mobile operating system another team worked on ways to attack black berry which had been seen as an impregnable fortress until then so why is anything safe anymore he mancini gone is the founder of s s p blue and he is here to break down these latest developments he moves thank you so much for joining me so with these latest revelations what isn't the n.s.a. tapping into. that's a great question me and i think we have to first we have to step back just a teeny bit and put things a little bit more in perspective we're relying on whatever it is that snowden is choosing to release so in other words we can't have a conversation that really gives the final answer the the you know this is the way
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it is kind of solution to the what we're going to talk about but that said let's tell us a step back twenty years ago if you look back in your kitchen phone that nobody uses anymore the n.s.a. the f.b.i. all sorts of government agencies had not only the technical capability because the law required it but also the ability by going to a court to get a tap order to go and wiretap that so citizens i don't think we should be surprised that we're hearing about this i think we need to put it in perspective that that capabilities existed for many many years and the n.s.a. is doing what they're supposed to do which is find ways to protect americans from foreign terrorist activity coming into our home even if it means is going into american smartphones and being able to take the pictures that they have from their phone or going into their smartphones and using the mapping system to be able to find where they are. and this actually raises another topic which is the larger security topic if the n.s.a. has truly been able to let's say use the word hack truly hacked into these phones
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so are the blackberry device what that would tell me if i'm inside a blackberry what i should be saying to myself is my doing security on my phones properly because if the n.s.a. can do it there's probably other hackers out there capable of doing it and the best thing they can do right now for all companies concerned about this topic is to bring in white hat hackers and say you know what you're on my side i'm going to hire you because we do this for a living for example and just hack into our system find ways to break in and then go and fix it and then part to focus more attention on saying ok we're going to keep our network security going to keep the privacy of our user base secure but let's also understand that n.s.a. has a job to do so let's work together and figure out how to make that happen they go to the secret court they get their order they give it to the company the company does what they're supposed to do with it and onward in you know off we go but i think that's something that we do have to think about as this is coming out in
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these rebel relevation revenue revelations and maybe relevation. him i don't want to put words in your mouth but are you in support of this n.s.a. program. well i mean i can speak as a former prosecutor i think there's a lot of things that i think there was a senator in your news hour just a few minutes ago saying there's a lot the public doesn't know that if they knew they would support things and having been in the courtrooms of america seeing the crazy amount of stuff that criminals can do there are tactics that you take but at the end of the day the best part about all this and i do support this side as well very well is there is a legislative judicial and executive branch of government and when the constitution was created it was built on the thing the whole notion that different branches will balance the powers of each other out at the same time he will i do want to bring up part of that n.s.a. presentation that was part of this der spiegel released now it might shed some light on how these agencies see smartphone users this is the first slide and the
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authors draw a comparison to george orwell's classic dystopian novel one thousand nine hundred four about the surveillance state revealing the agency's current view of smartphone users next to the picture is the old nike commercial that reads who knew in one thousand nine hundred four and then the next slide says that this would be big brother and it's next to a picture of apple co-founder steve jobs and that the zombies will be paying customers with pictures of enthusiastic apple customers next to it so with these kind of leaks does that say that the n.s.a. is making light on surveillance and american privacy or is it saying that americans privacy or the notion of it is a joke at this point. i don't think we can say it's a joke and i will tell you if you look at it from the industry point of view apple android the googles of the world the who's the microsoft and the and the rim folks they're all amazingly and urgently focused on protecting user privacy so from that perspective they are the users best friend and when it comes to what the n.s.a.
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do is doing they have to go through their judicial and legislative and executive processes to make that happen so i think if you combine all of this put it all together you're going to find that there is a system of checks and balances in place there is no question that sometimes those lines are crossed but there's also avenues for correction and things that happen not only in the media like we're talking about ourselves also in the private sector when they have those debates privately with the government but also publicly as you saw the obama administration went to to the judicial system the secret court and said hey we want to do certain things that we're not allowed to in two thousand and eight and then two thousand and eleven that changed a ruling came out and if we as citizens don't like it we now have the third avenue which is the legislative and and do what we can always do which is let's oust the government let's change the policies let's pass new rules so i think at the end of the day there's a different notion perhaps of the changing privacy but it's more about the different places that privacy exists as opposed to does the core notion of privacy
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change and i don't think the answer to that is yes but i do think the answer to whether places where privacy can be impacted has changed yes exponentially it's expanded and as you say we have seen numerous occasions of these these different security apparatuses surveillance apparatus is being misused but against i guess it comes down to the user of the phone how much information they put on it and taking the security precautions he much and gone founder of s.s.t. blue thank you for your insight thanks for having me michel. well if you do the crime you do the time know how horrid the time is could depend on how deep your pockets are and one california prison where in they can actually pay for five star treatment the seal bay detention center in orange county california is offering inmates flat screen t.v.'s brand new beds access to media centers and more if the price is right that is it's all part of the so-called pay to stay program and are
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to correspondent ramon galindo shows us how that works. well it would portray jail as a violent place in reality county lock ups have come under major scrutiny because of reports of abuse import medical care but not in seal beach california where inmates are getting a much more comfortable place to serve their sentence it would just be one hundred dollars a day taking a business approach the city of seal beach has advertised their pay to state jail in newspapers they're trying to track pain inmates with flat screen t.v.'s a media room and clean facilities are current inmate population ranges from everything between a dui offense all the way up to sometimes even sexual offenders. this storm gets old. inmates who pay also help clean up the jail they have access to kitchen facilities and exercise next if they can pay robert is doing time for
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behavior manslaughter his family has spent thousands of dollars for slate he calls your sentence there in there can be some arguments about what's on t.v. but that's about it people typically think of a jail as a very buy in place that's not the case here where you get squeaky clean floors and relative safety for one hundred bucks a day however at the end of the day you're still locked up in a cage definitely not a fancy jail and it's nicer seal beach has received calls from all over the country from people wanting to stay here you pay to be here in going to fight and then they have to go to the worst place over something trivial several other california cities including fullerton and ohio and fremont also offer paid state jail cells. the idea is help the city of seal beach make money and become more efficient our priority was to be a nice a facility that would offset the cost or subsidize the cost the city taxpayers have to pay six years ago the jail was run by
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a private contractor and had to close down after the city to go over. operation cause rekha employer pay when it meets got a friendlier state i can tell you dozens of times that we receive thank you cards and i just received a really long letter one of the inmates who befriended me on facebook. to sleep this was british for wednesday's race for excuses. for britain but many people in america's overcrowded jails can't afford to stay like this but as jailers and local governments look for a new money streams pay to stay appears to be here to stay in seal beach california remote. for sale and gently use dell power edge or for ten server with the ability to store massive amounts of a memory all while minimizing the amount of energy needed to operate it but this one is unique you see stored within the chips and circuits of this bad boy used to
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be a cache of u.s. secret government documents bahnhof a swedish i.s.p. that originally hosted wiki leaks is selling the server that held all of the documents private first class manning leaked to the secrecy organization over seven hundred thousand classified files and all the boxes that originally listed for three thousand one hundred fifty dollars but come on this is part of whistleblower history here as of this broadcast the bit is now up to twenty five thousand two hundred dollars that money will be donated to reporters without borders a freedom of press a nonprofit organization as well as the fifth of july foundation and internet liberty and privacy organization the auction will end on september twelfth who knows how high the price will go in the next few days and that does it for now for more on the stories we covered go to youtube dot com slash r t america check out our website r t dot com slash usa and don't forget to follow me on twitter at
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meghan underscore lopez. ok. i dave a crack it while going to ten and you're all of virginia it's a little while in the middle of the chesapeake bay on the virginia. county. rampage you're all in the chesapeake bay probably one of the best areas in the country all fred. this is an old picture of time and your island before the channel was cut oh here. they are. as go all. right here are some of the headstones from the graves it for here this is a fruits that's what we don't want happen to taint your all and we want to get some protection and make sure that we don't go into the chesapeake bay like uppers did
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in other communities. more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are the day. that was a new alert animation scripts scare me a little. there is breaking news tonight and we are continuing to follow
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the breaking news. alexander's family cry tears of the wife and a great thing. that had rendered in a court of law found online is a story sort of movies playing out in real life. ok . welcome you to take virginia it's a little island the middle of the chesapeake bay on the virginia side and i come back county for a population around four hundred seven a papal give or take. ever motion or paper or independent water among our fishermen crabbers and other twenty per se are where our tugboat captain.


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